Counterpoint AcademyTM and CounterpointTM Day Care in Ottawa welcomes children from Day Care to Grade 6.

Counterpoint Academy WestTM and CounterpointTM West Day Care in Kanata welcomes children from Day Care to Grade 6.

Since 1971 Counterpoint AcademyTM has specialized in private elementary school education in Ottawa for Canadian and International students. A superior private school academic curriculum is delivered by teacher specialists in both the elementary school and the daycare. CounterpointTM children are given a solid academic base with a well-rounded curriculum grounded in academic core subjects including literacy and numeracy augmented with the sciences, arts, and physical and health education. Our calm, supportive, and structured environment provide the framework for children to build self-confidence, take risks and move forward with success

Frequent cultural, educational and recreational trips throughout the Ottawa region provide hands-on experiences, which make learning real for many children. Our private school comes alive and the classroom learning takes root when our children have opportunities to go places, build things, and integrate art and music with our more academic curriculum.

Private tutoring during the school day provides added support. Our tutors collaborate with our teachers in order to deliver our quality curriculum, which meets or exceeds the Ontario curriculum. Day care and Child care services available in school. After school programmes in Ottawa and Kanata private schools include sport, arts and homework support. Students who complete the full CounterpointTM curriculum have the tools necessary to excel in middle school. We accept students who are average to gifted in ability.